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Sometimes we can fit you in without an appointment, but it is better to book online in case we are packed. Click HERE to book now.

All customers of any racial or ethnic background are welcome in our barber shop, and we can cut all textures of hair.

Yes, we accept all children and toddlers for haircuts. Parents or guardians can monitor their child or relax on one of our sofas. Additionally, we have specially trained and passionate barbers who are able take care of kids on the autism spectrum.

Yes, we offer multiple services, including, touch-ups, haircuts, fades, and beard trims. We can style your beard to your design or fix patchy spots.

We are closed on Sundays and only take appointments on Mondays.

We have very talented barbers and professional tools that can cut any hair length, style, or texture.

Our standard haircuts are $35.00. Please refer to our Services Page to view price information on all other haircut and beard trim services.

No, we do not take credit or debit, only cash. Some of our barbers do take online payments, however, this is different for each barber, so please contact us first before booking your haircut.

Our barbers are very attentive to each customer, using our hands and a wide variety of tools fit for every detail. Our Barber Shop also provides the warm, communal vibe that you won’t get at regular salons.

A fade is a transition in hair length, in which the sides and back of the head are cut shorter in order to blend or fade into the skin. We can perform several types of fades perfectly tailored to your head shape and personal style.

Please schedule your appointment by selecting a barber and then the service and time you need. To view our list of barbers, click HERE.

You may cancel your haircut appointment via the email confirmation you received or via your booking information on our app or website.

Yes, you will be fully refunded given that you cancel at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. This is because we take our payments in cash after each cut. However, you will be charged a late cancellation fee on your credit/debit if this is done less than 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Please click HERE to find out more in detail regarding specific hair texture, head shape, and style.

Yes, we sell all types of hair products, including hair gels, pomades, beard balms, and beard oils. We can apply the products of your choice during your haircut to see what best suits you.

We offer a 5 minute grace period to anyone running late to their appointment. Beyond that, we recommend rescheduling to a different time and date in order for you to enjoy our complete service.

Of course! We can provide undercuts and designs to all women. However, we do not style women’s hair the same way a salon might.

Just try to explain the features you want for your haircut and we will be sure to match it. We are also great at mimicking online pictures of your choice if you have a certain look in mind.

Yes, after every haircut we make sure to clean all clippers and tools, as well as replacing our gloves and washing our hands. Cleanliness and safety is our top priority when providing you the perfect experience.

Yes, we love meeting new barbers and continuing to expand our shop and community. Feel free to contact us to let us know you're interested. We can schedule a call or meeting to discuss further details afterwards. Looking forward to hearing from you!