Different Styles and Looks

Different Styles and Looks


There are infinite ways to style and cut your hair and we love seeing where our clients' creativity can take them, especially since it gives us a chance to try new things as well. With that said, here are a few of the most common styles and terms you might hear thrown around in a barber shop. As always, feel free to ask your barber about anything you might be confused about!



A buzzcut uses electric clippers to shave the hair to a consistently short length that's almost-but-not-quite bald.


A quiff's most-prominent feature is its little mountain of hair at the front, combed upwards. Behind that, hair has been combed forward.



A pompadour is very similar to a quiff, but features the hair slicked upwards and back, with a pomp at the front. Think Elvis Presley's hair.


Low Fade

First off, a fade is when the hair on the sides of the head gradually gets shorter the farther down it goes. A low fade is when the hair disappears more than a few inches below the hairline.


High Fade

In comparison to a low fade, a high fade is when the hair completely disappears within a few inches of the hairline.


Mid Fade

A "mid fade" is a term you can use if you want the fade to end somewhere in between a low fade and a high fade.


Crew Cut

Like the buzzcut, a crew cut requires electric clippers to shave the hair shorter on the sides, but the hair is left longer on top.


Side Part

A side part cut is when a relatively short cut is clearly parted. There's some variety regarding length on a side part that you can discuss with your barber.



Normally confused with a low fade, a taper will always gradually and evenly reduce in length while a fade will abruptly reduce to the skin.

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