How does face shape affect different styles?

How does face shape affect different styles?

Face shape matters and that's why we wanted to explain the different types and what to do to maximize your attractiveness. Generally, it's best to get a hairstyle that contrasts your face shape to keep your face looking symmetrical. Keep reading to learn more!


A heart-shaped face is wide on the forehead but narrow on the chin. To ensure you appear well proportioned, aim to balance the top and bottom half of your features. Choose a mid-length hair cut and thin your hair (especially for you guys with thick hair). This will reduce the width of your forehead and make your chin look less thin. To avoid creating hard angles, lightly use products. Facial hair is also key to enhancing your aesthetic, as it will add much-needed bulk to a narrow chin. 

Recommended Men Hair Cuts:  Quiff, Brush up, Pompadour 


This male face shape is masculine, symmetrical, and chiseled. You'll want to emphasize your wide cheekbones and sharp jaw with short hair. Try getting a high fade and keep sideburns short. 

Recommended Men Hair Cuts: Skin fade, Buzz Cut, Crew Cut, Slick Back


Because round faces lack dimension and shape, the aim with this face shape is to elongate your face and give it definition through the creation of angles. The sides should be shorter and squared off towards the top of your head. This gives the illusion of height to your hair and will sharpen up soft edges. Additionally, a light beard will bring structure to the bottom half of your face and give the appearance of a chiseled jawline

Recommended Men Hair Cuts: Pompadour, Side-Part, Under-cut 


You're in luck if you have an oval face shape. Oval faces are the most proportionate and are versatile when it comes to hairstyles. If you have an oval face shape, play around to find your favorite style. Just make sure to add some angles to avoid making your oval face look round.

Recommended Men Hair Cuts: Buzz Cut, Short-Back-Sides, Side Sweep etc.


Diamond faces are narrow at the top and bottom of the face, but are wide at the cheekbones. Known for its stunning bone structure, this face type encourages men to grow out their hair. Create volume and texture with thick hair. In addition, styles that can be tucked behind your ears highlight your bone structure by adding width to the forehead. Do not get hair too short on the sides and try adding a beard to widen your jawline.

Recommended Men Hair Cuts: Messy Fringe, Side Sweep, Medium-Long length

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